We are developing the first end-to-end digital platform   for mountaineering and outdoor travel 



Berglin is an ongoing project aimed at creating the first end-to-end digital platform designed to inspire and connect outdoor enthusiasts, find certified outdoor guides and book experiences with local professionals. 

The interaction happens via a mobile app. Through safe user registration and the creation of a personal profile, users can access different communities defined according to the disciplines of interest. The first community to be launched will be the rock climbing one, followed by the skiing community.

Each community has a dedicated "find a partner" and "find a professional" functionality through which specific filters are applied to profiles in the vicinity or at specific locations. Moreover, community members can view and register for experiences organized by professionals, alpine institutions or other users.



What do we aim at?

Our aim is to create a hub to empower communities of outdoor enthusiasts and inspire them to adventure and exploration of new territories and their local realities.

How do we do it?

We bring innovation to the various niches of outdoor activities by providing a digital solution enabling new connections in the real world among adventure-driven people.

Berglin helps assess and find new outdoor companions. Through dedicated rooms for discussions, quality content by professionals and creators, and integrations with environmental bulletins and smart devices for performance and route analytics, we create the go-to space for organizing outdoor activities.

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May - Sep 2021

July 2021

Dec 2021 - 2022

Coming soon


Development of the Berglin concept, a digital platform for mountaineering and outdoor

In the frame of the 5-month start-up incubation programme, we conceived and expanded the idea of creating a digital space where mountaineers and outdoor enthusiasts can connect with each other, find alpine professionals or organizations, and engage for the organization and realization of outdoor experiences.

Release of the prototype of the Berglin App

We developed the first version of the Berglin mobile app focused on enabling mountaineering enthusiasts to connect with each other, find local guides and pre-organized experiences.


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Launch of Berglin experiences

Inspired by the idea of bringing the Berglin community together, we have organised several series of multi-day climbing experiences. 
In partnership with
Mapo Tapo and XMountain, we have launched a series of week-long trips combining sailing and climbing in Sardinia, Italy. With PennaValley we have organised climbing workshops in the Val Paennavarie, one of Italy's favourite climbing areas.  

Visit the Experiences section of the website for all the upcoming experiences. 


Upcoming experiences

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Connect with the right partner for your next outdoor activity or indoor training session.


Learn new techniques and take on challenging routes with our certified partner guides.


Explore new territories by selecting pre-organised experiences from our database. 

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Release of the MVP of the Berglin App

We are working on the first version of the Berglin App, with functionalities focused on the partner search and matching of climbers across locations.




The idea of Berglin was born in the summer of 2021: we wanted to create something for the the world of adventure travel, a platform that could enhance connectivity among communities of outdoor and alpine sports enthusiasts.

We started in two, developing the concept of the platform and testing it with potential actors on the Berglin platform. 

The mission was written, but we needed a team to pursue it.


Fellow climbers Caroli and Tom joined the project in early 2022 and soon after Hagen and Georgii to drive the platform development. 



Does the idea and mission behind Berglin inspire you?

We are always looking for other smart and passionate people to help us build this challenging project. If you are willing to join this journey or know more about collaboration opportunities, contact us in the form below.

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