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climb + sail in sardinia

Quick facts
  • Activities: climbing and sailing

  • Base camp: 46-foot Bavaria sailing boat

  • Where: Sardinia (Tavolara, Cala Gonone, Baunei)

  • Level: a minimum level of climbing is recommended to fully enjoy the adventure!

  • Participants: from 5 to 8

  • Period: spring and autumn

  • Days: 6

  • Nights: 7

  • Climbing days: 6

  • Scheduled dates: 7-14 May and 14-21 May

  • Point of departure and arrival: Port of Cannigione (Olbia)

  • Price: from 1.200€


General Presentation

Climb + Sail, that is to experience rock, water and wind at the same time. This is the adventure we propose in one of the best places in the world: Sardinia, where spires and cliffs fall into an emerald sea surrounded by white beaches, caves and natural arches. We will start our adventure from Costa Smeralda, passing by Tavolara and finally arriving between the Gulf of Orosei and Baunei.

Sardinia is undoubtedly one of the best climbing destinations in Europe, but not only for its natural paradises. In fact, you can climb on exceptional granite, limestone and basalt, finding sites for every style: bouldering, sport climbing, trad climbing, multi-pitch routes up to deep water solo...


In Cala Gonone, where we'll spend most of our time, climbing developed about 50 years ago with some of the most iconic routes on the entire island such as the Aguglia Goloritzé, the overhanging tuffs of the Millennium cave, the multi-pitches of Pedra Longa and the beachside crags of Cala Luna and Cala Fuili.


Our base camp and means of transportation will be a 46-foot sailboat with 10 berths that will take us to some of the most beautiful and famous crags on the island while we enjoy the beauty of life on the boat. We will sail from cliff to cliff, explore hidden bays, swim in crystal clear waters and admire the landscape from a vantage point. In some cases we won't even need to walk to reach the climbing sites: the Pedra Longa monolith, for example, offers 14 routes directly accessible by boat and 20 from the beach!


Detailed Program*

*The program may vary according to weather conditions.

  • Day 1 (Saturday) - Cannigione

We will start our adventure in Cannigione and we will check in in the early afternoon. We will settle in and go shopping for the galley. After that we will leave with destination Tavolara.

  • Day 2 (Sunday) - Tavolara

We will climb on the beautiful island of Tavolara, which looks like a majestic limestone massif overlooking the sea that rests on a rocky granite substrate reaching an altitude of 565 meters above sea level. Depending on the wishes of the group and the level, we can choose between a multipitch climbing route or the Ferrata degli Angeli. In both cases we will appreciate on one side the coast of Sardinia with the archipelago of La Maddalena and on the other side the Mediterranean Sea.

At the end of the climb we will have the opportunity to dive into the crystal clear waters of the island, possibly stopping on one of the most beautiful beaches of Sardinia, Spalmatore di Terra, which in this period will be free from crowds.

In the late afternoon we will move to Cala Gonone.

  • Day 3 (Monday) - Cala Gonone (Cala Fuili)

We will continue sailing for part of the morning, to reach the small and pristine Cala Fuili, where we will drop anchor. Here we will climb on the cliff that is located right on the edge of the sea, which is characterized by a technical climbing of continuity on beautiful vertical walls with clear notches and holes. There are routes on various levels, perfectly and generously bolted on an exceptional limestone with very abrasive concretions.

We will have the possibility to reach also the magnificent Grotte del Bue Marino, marine cavities, once habitat of the monk seal.

  • Day 4 (Tuesday) - Cala Luna

The fourth day is dedicated entirely to climbing in a location considered one of the wonders of the Gulf of Orosei and the whole Mediterranean. Cala Luna is a cove carved between the cliffs with a dazzling center 'strip' of 800 meters of fine golden sand that plunges into the clear blue sea. The cove is protected by steep cliffs overlooking the sea, up to 300 meters high that we will enjoy climbing. Here there are about 50 routes ranging from 5th grade to 8th grade.

After that, we will make a short trek to reach the Millennium Cave where we will be able to climb on excellent quality limestone surrounded by tuffs and stalactites. Strong climbers will appreciate the acrobatic routes!

  • Day 5 (Wednesday) - Pedra Longa

And here we are at Pedra Longa, one of the most iconic climbing spots in Sardinia. Here you can climb both multipitch routes overlooking the sea and crags between the forest and the beach.

In the evening we'll start climbing again, dropping anchor in front of Aguglia Goloritzé: our goal for the next day.

  • Day 5 (Thursday) - Aguglia Goloritzè

The imposing Aguglia rises for 140 meters above Cala Goloritzé, one of the most beautiful bays of Sardinia. Its limestone walls, similar to those in Verdon, allow for unparalleled technical slab climbing in a fantastic environment. Here we can choose among 11 routes ranging from 5c to 7b+. After the climb we will sail back to the north by reaching wild Molara.


  • Day 6 (Friday) - Molara

We will try some exceptional granite boulders on Molara. The island is a jewel of rock and Mediterranean scrub set in the sea of Gallura.

Then our last sail back to Cannigione is waiting for us! We'll arrive in Cannigione around 6pm.

  • Day 7 (Saturday) - Cannigione

We'll check out at 9 a.m.

For the ones that are willing to climb one more day we can organise another climbing day in S.Pantaleo or Capo Testa,depending on the availability of the guide.

What is included​
  • 6 days of sailing and climbing

  • 7 nights on a 46-feet sailing boat Bavaria: 4 double cabins and 2 beds in the dinet 

  • Certified Mountain Guide and Skipper for the entire duration of the trip

  • Climbing equipment

  • Pre-departure online meeting with the entire crew


What is excluded​
  • Transport from your home to the port of Cannigione (province of Olbia) 

  • Food and drinks on board

  • Restaurants and bars (if required)

  • Food Alpine Guide and Skipper

  • Diesel fuel

  • Marine fees if required (usually from €25 to €100 per night depending on the port).

  • Anything not detailed in the "What's included" section

Need to know

Life on board

When you are sailing on a boat you are part of a real crew and therefore it is important to help each other and do things together: you will give a hand in navigation, you will cook, you will prepare the equipment, you will load the dingy... and above all you will have fun! 

It's also important to care for the environment and therefore adopt a sustainable and respectful style of accommodation, after all we are taking part in an adventure.


To participate in this adventure you must be in good physical shape and possibly know the basics of climbing. We don't have any particular requirements about the level since we will be accompanied by an Alpine Guide.

As for the sailing part, there are no particular recommendations, if not a healthy desire to live a real sailing experience.


How to reach Cannigione

Sardinia is an island in the center of the Mediterranean, just off the west coast of Italy. It is easily accessible from all of the country's larger cities, as well as many coastal cities in France or Spain. Olbia, in the north of the island, has an international airport, so it's an easy choice for those coming from far away. From there, you can take a 1h bus or a 30-minute cab ride to the port of Cannigione. Depending on the participants, a shuttle service can be arranged. For those who want to reach Cannigione in the previous days or stay in the following days we can offer accommodation at the residence of Tanca Manna.


What to bring

  • Personal equipment for climbing (harness, helmet, shoes, chalk holder, a pair of carabiners, backpack - 20L, grigri or similar, trekking shoes). 

  • Duster

  • Some heavier clothes for the evening

  • Obviously swimsuit!

The crew

We will be accompanied by certified Mountain Guide and Skipper.

Info and reservations

If you are interested and would like to reserve your place please fill out the form below or write to

Leave us your contact!

Thanks! We will get back as soon as possible!

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