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Berglin on Radio 24

Last summer, in June 2021, just two months after the start of our entrepreneurial journey aimed at creating a digital space that facilitates real-world connections between mountain enthusiasts and professionals, we were invited to RadioNext, a radio programme on digital transformation by Pepe Moder for Radio 24.

At the time, we were still in the phase of defining the solution to the market need that we had identified both from our own experience and from talking to climbing friends and mountain guides from around the world. With the interview at Radio 24, we exposed ourselves by telling the origin of the project, our vision and our mission in terms of product development, namely our goal to create a platform where communities of mountaineers of all levels of experience can interact in order to meet each other to share excursions or simply train for the next adventure.

We believe that especially in the initial phase of any entrepreneurial project, sharing and bringing your idea to your target audience plays a fundamental role. Indeed, you can understand if what you are dedicating time and energy to can actually represent a solution to a real problem.

In this respect, our chat with Pepe on Radio 24 brought us opportunities for collaboration and valuable feedback from listeners.

To listen to our interview with RadioNext, click here.

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